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Pineapple Express pants

"Pineapple Express" Pants

$ 80.00

We ship daily from our office in Houston via priority mail which takes 2 to 4 days in the U.S. 

We regret having to raise our prices but we can not get the quantities of pants that we have in the past.  The pants are made from hand-woven fabric which is a very complex process.  There is a small pool of weavers that have the ability to do this type of ikat weaving. 

By paying a fair price for the weaving we hope younger artisans will want to learn to weave so this does not become a lost art.  Just know you are getting a well-made pair of hand-woven pants that will last a very long time!!  

This is the same fabric of the pants that James Franco wore in Pineapple Express. We sold the studio the fabric, and now we finally have the pants. A very limited supply available. And please know that fabrics may differ slightly. Hand-woven and hand-dyed fabric is never exactly the same with each batch. Pants have front and back pockets. 

Elastic and drawstring at the waist so adjustable but rule of thumb is:

  • S up to 32"
  • M up to 36"
  • L up to 40"
  • XL up to 44"

Here are measurements of pants from top of the waist to the bottom of the leg:

  • S 38 inches
  • M 39 1/2 inches
  • L 42 inches
  • XL 43 inches


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