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Central American Info

Map of Central America


Click on a Central American country on the map above or on the country name in the table below for more links with information about that country.
Capital City
Geographic Size
Average annual income per person
Belize Belize City 266,440 9087 sq mi US $4,900
Guatemala Guatemala City 13.9 million 42,500 sq mi US $3,900
El Salvador San Salvador 6.5 million 8093 sq mi US $4,800
Honduras Tegucigalpa 6.7 million 43,879 sq mi US $2,500
Nicaragua Managua 5.2 million 50,180 sq mi US $2,200
Costa Rica San Jose 4.1 million 19,929 sq mi US $8,300
Panama Panama City 3 million 30,420 sq mi US $6,200