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Guatemalan Bedspreads

All of the bedspreads are woven in panels on a backstrap loom by women in Zacualpa, Guatemala. The panels are then joined with a decorative stitching. This is the traditional weave of Zacualpa where women wear bright red huipiles with purple decorative stitching at the shoulders. All bedspreads are 100% cotton and washable.  Sizes may vary slightly.  

Kings have 6 panels and are typically 104" wide by 104" long    $299

Queens/doubles have 5 panels and are 89" wide by 100" long    $269

Twins have 4 panels and are 70" wide x 100" long                        $210

As of March 2024 we only have the royal blue bedspread in a king but email us with your order....

We are happy to take bedspread orders from customers to pass on to the weavers and sewers.  They can usually be made within a month and we can also send you a picture of what is available at that moment in their workshop.  Drop us a line or call us with your bedspread order. 713-320-4176. 

Our next shipment will be mid to late April, 2024 so if you call or email we will send you pictures of what the weavers have available.  They usually have a generous supply in queen and king.