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Cowl Collar Guatemalan Tunic - Blues/Greens/Purples

Cowl Collar Guatemalan Tunic - Blues/Greens/Purples

$ 75.00

Great new popular design on hand-woven traditional Guatemalan fabric! These shirts are made from corte or Mayan woman's skirt fabric that was woven on a foot-loom. Each tunic has side pockets, a cowl neck that can be scrunched with a drawstring, and sleeve buckles. The back has elastic so it gathers at the waist for a fitted look.  There will never be any two exactly alike so if you are interested in blues, greens, or purples you may order here.  Each shirt is extraordinary!  Machine wash and dry.  Does not need ironing.

S presently not available
M size 8 to 12
L 14 to 16
XL Presently not available

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