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Copal Incense

Copal Incense

$ 12.00

Copal incense is the dried resin of the copal tree. The word comes, from Aztec Nahuatl copalli, and due to regional differences in naming and usage several different trees and their resins bear the name copal. Some of the resins called copal have other uses besides that of burning as incense. For example, copal has been used for chewing, gluing, bringing rain, and purifying meat; it has also been used as a pigment binder, as a varnishing agent, and as medicine for several different ailments. The incense has been used since prehispanic times. It is burned year round in Guatemalan churches and is especially popular during the Day of the Dead celebrations. The incense is smoky when burned and has somewhat of a pine scent. We suggest using charcoal tablets to burn the pieces (not included). Each 12" bundle contains many pieces. 12" long $ 12 per bundle.

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