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Large Huichol Beaded Jaguar

Large Huichol Beaded Jaguar

$ 750.00

The Huichol Indians live in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco in Mexico.  They are known for their beadwork and yarn art.  To fix the beads to the carved wooden from, they use beeswax, and then using a long needle they place each bead to make the design.  This mask has very small beads.  The designs are traditional to Huichol culture with the peyote button being represented which is a symbol for life, health, success, and good luck.  It appears in all Huichol art as it is considered to be a gift from the gods to the people to enlighten them.  The deer represent the spirit guide who lead shamans on their pathway for knowledge.  The double headed eagle represents the shaman's omnipotent powers.  

This is one of the largest jaguar heads I have seen with very small beads.  As this is an older piece (approximately 25 years) there are a few small places that are missing a few beads as seen in the pictures.  It measures 13" long, 10" tall, and 9" wide.  This is a museum quality piece.

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